Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ready, Set, GROW !

Feeling extremely anxious, determined, hopeful, excited and most of proud of myself. I am embarking on a journey to change the way I live my life. I am ready to discover what I am truly capable of. I have the tools and the support I need. I have an amazing family and group of close friends who I know will be here for me along the way. The examples I have in my life put me at a great advantage, and I'm ready to open my heart to a new way of life. 

 While being sober for the past four years I have gained a better understanding of myself and the things I want out of this life. I know that it is going to take a lot of dedication and hard work to get where I want to be. I have spent my whole life just accepting the way I look, and never really challenging myself physically. I am starting this years journey with a 28 day challenge to change my relationship with food, my body, and my spiritually and emotional self. 

Three months postpartum and although I can't imagine being more blessed than I am I still have my personal struggles and challenges I am dealing with. I battle crippling anxiety, feelings of self doubt, paranoia about my family and their well being, feelings of wanting to escape when something seems too hard, addiction, and self doubt. 

I have many goals that I want to work on over the next year. I want to make these goals reachable, realistic, and most of all I want to make sure the goals I set are geared toward the lifestyle I want to have. I am very blessed and I have so many wonderful things in my life and I am ready to take all the things I have worked so hard for to the next level. Tomorrow I start my challenge and I am going to focus on the fact that this lifestyle change isn't just for 28 days. I want this change to be a true lifestyle change. I hope that you will want to come along on this journey with me. I will be honest, upfront, with all my success and all my failures over upcoming year. 

So I welcome you to my blog, and I welcome you to experience this journey with me. I am beyond excited and I am ready.  

My family is the most important thing in my life and I want to make changes so that I can become the best possible version of myself for me and for them. 

So here I go…..


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